About ASK

   Our company prides itself on dynamic commercial strategy in the crystal market. Utilization of new technologies & advanced equipment
   expands our design & engineering capabilities to help solve problems and speed volume manufacturing.

   We have built strong relationships with all of our customers, mostly large European manufacturers in all the major electronics markets.

             Our strengths :

   - We have one of the largest line of products in the world.(standard and customized products)                                                                   

                               Ceramic Resonators - Quartz Crystal -Oscillators - Vcxo -Vctcxo - Tcxo -Ocxo -Filters

   - We have a very responsive & efficient technical support team

   - We have the lowest prices thanks to a huge production 

   - We offer fast deliveries (Buffer stocking)

   - We use state-of-the-art technology

   - We have experience in all markets including telecommunications, automotive, medical electronics, aerospace, military, computer industries. 

   - We pride ourselves in our comprehensive product offerings, superior quality and effective customer service and technical support.

   - We are in synch with your product roadmaps and is your best partner for innovations


             Products line & capacity

  Product Total Main Application
  Crystal unit 22.000K Microprocesseur, Modem, Transmitter
  SMD Crystal 4.000k Mobile phone, DECT, Transmitter, ADSL, bluetooth, RFid
  Clock Oscillator 3.000k Computer, Modem
  SMD Oscillator 5.000k Base station, Memory card, Hub
  TCXO 400k Mobile phone, Video camera
  VCXO 800k PABX, Video Camera, Modem

       Monthly. Total production 3 factories




Mobile Communication
GPS board
HD, Storage
Base Station /Wired Network


             Manufacturing plant organization

   - Branch office : -Crystal and Oscillators Crystal manufacturing plant TAIWAN(Taipei) \ C. Chen - Senior Manager cchen@ask-electronic.com
   - Crystal units manufacturing plant CHINA(Shenzen) \ Mr HU - Managing Director hu@ask-electronic.com
   - Crystal Oscillators SAW devices manufacturing plant KOREA(Chung Ju) \ S.K. Kim - Sales Manager skim@ask-electronic.com