NEW : Ultra-miniature Quartz Crystal CZ-16

      ASK announces a new ultra-miniature Quartz Crystal:


      ASK releases its smallest SMD packaged crystal measuring only 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.35mm.

      Specifically dedicated for Bluetooth and Wireless applications, this new crystal can reach the high frequency stability of ± 10ppm.

      Key-Features of the CZ-16 ::

          - Ultrathin thickness 0.35mm (Smallest package in the industry)
          - frequency range: 26.0 MHz ~ 80.0 MHz
          - Tight tolerance and stability available
          - Automatic mounting capable
          - Reflow capable
          - typical applications: Bluetooth, WLAN, Wireless applications - PCMCIA and related PC peripherals, Portable radios and MP3 players.....




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